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Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Septic Pumping & Septic Maintenance


To preserve the life of your septic system it is essential that you properly maintain your septic system. Your home is one of your greatest assets. Did you realize that you can protect the value of your home by taking care of your septic system? The main reason to protect your septic system is money! Failing septic systems are not only expensive to repair and replace, they are something you can avoid. With periodic pump outs, bacteria additive and inspections you will protect your health and investment. 

Remember the three P's


  •   Pump your septic tank regularly
  •   Have an inspection every 3 years to check for any problem


  • Fix leaky toilets or dripping faucets
  • Do Not drive over system


  • Only flush human waste
  • Do Not pour household products or medicine in drains and toilets


septic pumping
Septic Services

When to Pump Out Your Septic Tank:

Sewage backing up in toilet or drains
Slow flushing, bubbling or gurgling sounds in toilet or drains
Sewage Odors
Anticipated heavy usage such as a party
If septic system drains are clogged
Sale or purchase of a home
Septic tank exposed to flood conditions
Save Time and Money on Your Septic Tank System:

Only Flush Toilet Paper
Never Flush Female Sanitary Products
Avoid Using a Garbage Disposal
Reduce Overall Water Usage
Repair Leaky Faucets & Toilets
Turn Off Water While Brushing Teeth


As A Reminder...Septic Systems are for sewage waste ONLY...so don't flush or put anything down the drain that you have not eaten and digested!!


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